all songs by Fencl/Walker 2004 It's Yours? Music


I don't know what I am thinking
All I know is that I'm drinking.
Everything I say is witty
And I'll drink until you're pretty.

Drink her pretty
Yeah, I feel all right
Drink her pretty
Yeah, I drink all night
Drink her pretty
But I never knew
She was drinkin' me pretty too

Line the shots up in a row
Ain't you Marilyn Monroe?
Now I'm getting' up the nerve
Ask out Catherine Deneuve.

Chuggin' jugs of rotgut wine
Babe, you're lookin' mighty fine.
Jaegermeister hit the mark
Yeah, you look good in the dark.


I'll trade you:
A key for the kingdom
A wing for a prayer
Quiet for the passion
And then I can compare

You need
You need to compensate, yeah.
This and that, the other thing
Since when am I your bell to ring?
Release me
Erase me
Replace me
Let me go

I'll bet you:
I can't be forgiven
Your happiness is fake
You've got a place in Heaven
You spend more than you make

When it's time to deliver
When the bills are coming due
Will you stop, stop to consider
It ain't always about you

I'll see you:
On top of the mountain
Ahead of the crowd
Standing in a fountain
Where you can't be found


It says you're alive
It says you're not
Won't get your car 'til you hand it over
You've got to live
'Til death you part
Because it proves all the things you told her

It tells you where
You lay your head
If you can leave or you have to stay there
It lets you work
It says you don't
Or if you've read
Robspierre or Shakespeare

We need our paper houses
Can't live without our paper houses
Light a match to our paper houses
There would be no place to go

It pays your bills
It gets you food
It lets you know if you'll see your kids grow
Or if you walk
Or ride a plane
You can choose where to stop and grow old

What if, someday it wasn't there
We didn't know why or where its gone
You'd look at me
I'd look at you
But would we know what was right or wrong

I'd think we'd see
Out in the fields
A million people walking, holding hands
Or would they spend
The time they had
Digging holes trying to find it again?


I'm gonna
Ride, ride, ride
Ride, ride
Amazing trains

German train hanging down from the tracks
Monorail takes a different attack
Or you may just wanna go underground
That's amazing - that's in London town

In Japan they've got a bullet train
And it bifurcates the Asian terrain
Out in Pittsburgh
Trains they climb up a hill
I think I can
I think I can
Yeah, you will

On Russian tracks
Czars changed the gauge
So enemies
Could not invade

Trans-Siberian's a train, not a band
That tortures melodies until they're all bland
Claustrophobia will drive you insane
If you're riding on the Chunnel train


Here she comes
Walking right up to me
She makes me sweat, she makes me hot
Doesn't even see me
Her eyes are looking down
Her boots they scrape the ground;
We'd be perfect for each other
She looks like my neighbor's mother.

Rachael Ann
Rachael Ann
Here's my plan:
We're gonna run away.

There she goes
Walking away from me
She makes me sick, I cannot breathe
Is everything to me
She's crossing the field
She hardly looks real
We care about the same things
We don't care about anything

You're a fine woman, you're a fine, fine girl.
Let's walk around the Sahara
Open our eyes in salt water
I'll act like I just met you
You'll believe it when I tell you

She is gone
Nobody can find her
I hope she's cool
I hope she finds out where she is going
We'd be perfect for each other
Like spies, we're undercover.


Close my eyes and make a wish and
It's just you and I
Snap my fingers and from half-a-world away
You're mine

Say a silent prayer and out of nowhere
You are here
Throw some pennies, hope that any
Moment you'll appear.

Wouldn't it be lovely?
Wouldn't it be lovely?
Wouldn't it be lovely?

In a fever, in a dream I've got to get to you
Secrets standing in the way; I've got to know the truth.
In a fever, in my head, may never walk again
You there, radiating light
And I am home again.

Wouldn't it be?
So fine, it's so fine.
Wouldn't it be?
All right, it's all right.

Wouldn't it be fine, it's so fine
Wouldn't it be nice, it's so nice
Holding you so tight through the night.

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